Emergency Contact Consent Form

When parents send their child to school or any other place where they cannot be with the child or want to make sure that the well-being and safety of the child are ensured, keeping this insecurity and anxiety of parents in mind, an emergency contact consent form is filled out for them.

What is an emergency contact consent form?

It is a formal document with numerous empty fields that are used to collect consent from the parents on contacting emergency contacts, which they have provided. These contact numbers are dialed whenever there is an emergency.

Emergency contacts usually include nurses, caregivers, doctors, or the parents of the child. These individuals are well aware of the medical condition of the child, and they also understand what might go wrong with the child and take the matter seriously.

Who uses the emergency contact consent form?

This form is used by those who want to allow or give permission to a specific organization or people to contact them in case of any urgency. Usually, hospitals, schools, daycare centers, and all other centers where kids spend their time without their parents and caregivers.

These organizations usually need an up-to-date contact list for every child. This ensures that they are taking good care of the child, and therefore, they want the guardians and caregivers to reach the child as soon as an emergency occurs.

Emergency contact consent form

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Information to be included in the emergency contact permission form

If you are creating a form and you have no clue what type of information you should include in it, here is some information for you:

Information about the child:

The form should begin with the information of the child to whom it belongs. It will let the institute know the consent of which child has been taken by the form. It contains all those specifics that are needed for identification, such as name, roll number, name of the grade and section, etc.

Personal information:

Parents who are permitting an organization to contact the mentioned contacts when there is an emergency should provide their details, generally including the name, contact details, address, relationship with the minor, and whatnot.

Contact information for the emergency:

Since this form also collects information about the extremity contact, the name, contact number, email address, residential address, and relationship with the child of the extremity contact should be captured with the use of this form.

Consent statement:

Just like any other form, this form should also include a statement that permits the organization to use the emergency contact as and when they are needed to be contacted.

It is the responsibility of the guardians to read this part of the form very carefully and ask questions before they choose to give consent, as it is necessary to protect the rights of their child.


The last part of the form is about taking signatures from the person who is giving consent. This is where the form becomes valid and functional. If the guardians of the child forget to sign the form after filling it out, it will not be useful for the institute at all.

An organization needs to use the consent form because it is not possible to contact the numbers listed in the contact list that a school uses in times of urgency. For this purpose, consent was obtained.

┬áIn addition, the organization also makes sure that it is following the rules and regulations of the state and not contacting anyone without proper permission because some people don’t like to be contacted unless they have provided consent and are ready to provide necessary care to the minor in a time of emergency

Those who need to use this form should download the template and use it according to their needs and preferences.

They can also create the form by customizing the one that is already available on various web sources. The customization allows them to tailor the form to their needs by adding the name of the organization as well as the logo of the institute. This makes the form template more suitable for use.

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