Child Illness Log

Caring Log for Child Illness

Child illness log is a record which can help the parents, the care providers and the schools at the same time. It is a record that holds information about a child’s illness, symptoms, and treatments. It also holds the date and time of the appointment or recurring appointments and how often they are recurring.

For parents, it is important to maintain the log so they can schedule their routine around the appointments and monitor the symptoms and treatments being given to their child.

For the care providers, this log is important so they know which child would come to them with what illness and symptoms and what treatment is advised by which doctor or care provider and for how long. For the schools, this knowledge is important so they know which child will be absent from school on which date and time and how to arrange an extra study time for that child if required. For an occasionally ill child this might not seem so vital to keep the log but for a child whose illness is chronic or lifelong, this is very helpful. Managing a lifelong illness is very stressful and requires proper monitoring and discipline not just by the parents of the child but also by the school administration and the care providers too.


Caring for a sick child and supporting his / her life during this time becomes manageable by maintaining this illness log by all the stakeholders at their respective ends.


Child Illness Log MS Excel Customizable Template


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