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It is scientifically proven that breastfeeding is very important for the health and normal growth of your child for the first few years. However,  some women have a problem with breastfeeding as the milk is either very less in quantity or it is very painful for them to perform breast feeding. Pumping breastfeed is a method by which your baby can benefit from your breast milk even when you are away. This is very helpful for working women as they can pump breast milk and store it in bottles, so that whoever is babysitting their child can give it to the baby even in the absence of the mother.

Keeping a record of the amount of breast feed that you have pumped helps you to determine the amount of feed your baby has taken and how much more he/she is to be fed per day. You would not want your baby to be over fed or underfed, so keeping a record is important. This record also helps you to know if your breast milk is enough to fulfill the required demand of your baby according to his/her age or whether you would be needing to introduce top feed to meet your baby’s requirements. There are women whose breast milk is in excess and they donate the breast milk to those whose is less. This record also let’s you know in which category you lie.  The breastfeeding pumping record holds the following information :

  • The name and age of the mother
  • The name and age of the baby
  • The date and time of the pumping done
  • The amount of milk pumped from each breast in ounces
  • The collective amount of milk after each time pumped
  • The total amount of milk pumped at the end of each day

breastfeeding pumping record


Breastfeeding Pumping Record
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