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Pregnancy Verification Forms

    Pregnancy or conception is nature’s miracle that gets immense attention and focus due to a number of reasons. In modern times, pregnancy and childbirth are among the most important events that need to be documented. One such documentation related to the above-mentioned events is the pregnancy verification form.

    What is a pregnancy verification form?

    The pregnancy verification form is a kind of document that puts a seal on the presence of new life inside a mother’s womb. In other words, it is a letter that is produced and used as proof for the verification of pregnancy.

    What are the details to be entered in the form?

    The pregnancy verification form requires the basic details of the mother and biological father in some cases. The following are the details that must be entered into the form.

    1. The first and foremost thing in the form is the detail of the mother and father. If the couple is married, they need the names of both partners, and their details to be mentioned.
    2. Contact details of the mother and father are also entered in this verification form.
    3. Some hospitals also require the insurance details of the mother and father. Pregnancy is obviously an unpredictable situation and it requires medical attention at any time in the 9 months span. It means one must have medical insurance and in case of emergency, the pregnant female needs medical attention.
    4. The most important details of the form are regarding the last menstrual period date of the mother. The doctor who is producing this form must write down the details of LMP and the gravidity and parity of the mother. This helps in making an estimate of the expected date of delivery and the gestational age of the fetus.
    5. If the patient is a first-time mother, she might need to be guided about the whole procedure, but multiparous women know the procedure of the verification form.
    6. In the end, the doctor who is verifying the pregnancy declares and confirms the pregnancy.
    7. He verifies that he took the test by whatever means and then signs the document accordingly.
    8. There are certain policies for the verification form that vary from hospital to hospital. Sometimes the policies change in every state and everyone is bound to produce the pregnancy verification form according to the rules and regulations of the state.
    9. Some verification forms require proof of pregnancy as well. For example, if the pregnancy is confirmed by the b Hcg levels, the doctor can attach the report of the test as further proof of the document he is producing.
    10. If the pregnancy is at a slightly advanced stage, an obstetric ultrasound report must be attached to the verification form.

    The pregnancy verification form is also required and utilized for multiple numbers of reasons. Sometimes it is used in property disputes, divorce cases, and property inheritance issues. All these are sensitive issues and need proper forms.

    Pregnancy Verification Form
    Pregnancy Verification Form

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