Physical Examination Form for Students

The physical examination form is a tool used by the management of the school to determine the physical health of a student. The purpose of using this form is to ensure that all the pupils of the school are physically fit.

A school is like a second home for a child. It should be a place that children and their parents find safe. To know the current health status of a student, the school uses an examination form that is helpful for it to know the medical history and specific requirements of a child.

A school needs to know about the medical condition of a student so that it can take care of the student and provide him with immediate care and attention when it is needed.

How does a physical examination form for a student work?

Schools keep this form in their repository and get it filled out when a candidate takes admission. This form shows that the institute will perform the physical examination and make sure that it is aware of the well-being and health of every single individual.

Once the form has been filled out, the data is entered into the database of the school, and it can be accessed whenever there is a need.

What are the parts of a physical examination form?

A few of the most common sections everyone can expect to see in this form include:

Introductory information about the student:

The form should include a few fields that gather information about the student, which is the introductory information, and help the management of the school locate that student. This information includes the name, gender, date of birth, grade name, roll number, and some other pertinent details that distinguish one student from another.

Contact information:

This form has a very important section where the contact details of the guardians are collected. The address and emergency contact numbers are also requested in this form to add a layer of protection.

Medical history of the pupil:

Through this part of the form, the school gets to know about the medical history of the student. Here, the student is asked to mention the list of allergies he is currently suffering from, names of medications he has taken in the past, surgical procedures of any type the student has had in the past, diseases he has fought or is still fighting with, and much more.

Information on the immunization:

Almost all people across the world have an immunization record. Students also have to name the vaccine they have gotten and for what purpose. Some forms also have a list of diseases and vaccines that are currently available for kids. Students have to check the boxes for those diseases that they have become immune to.

Last physical examination:

There are many students whose parents cannot give details because they never got the physical examination of their child done. Due to this, they often fail to share information about the medical history and the status of their child’s current medical condition.

To see how accurate the information provided in the form is, the school form collects information about the last examination. This section includes the name of the physician who carried out the last examination, the date of the exam, the contact number of the doctor, etc.

Additional notes:

There are important things that parents or guardians of a child want the school to know about because, with this, they can be sure that the child will get the same level of care as he is getting at home. For these important points, there is a section in the form where additional notes from the person filling out the form are taken.

Here, parents can also give some special instructions to the school management to make them aware of the medical condition of the child. This makes them feel stress-free when they send their kid to school and he has to spend a few hours without them. Some parents mention the names of the medications that a child can be administered at the time of an emergency.


The person who has filled out the form should put his signature at the end to validate the information provided by him in it.

Physical Examination Form for Student

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