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Patient Feedback Letter Complaining on Issues or Incidents


    Re. Feedback Letter; Unprecedented Issues Leading to Unfortunate and Dismal Experience

    To Whom It May Concern, I am [Your Name] from [Your City/State]. I am writing this letter with utter dismay and disappointment that I experienced at your hospital. Recently, I visited your clinic at [Mention Address] and experienced various difficult situations. The intention of writing this letter is to inform you about the situation at the hospital and ask you for an immediate resolution.

    For contextual reference, I visited your hospital on [Date] for my checkup with Dr. [Doctor’s Name]. My appointment was scheduled at [Time] and I had arrived at the hospital 15 minutes before my appointment. The waiting area was overcrowded and there was no place left to sit. Few seats were occupied and the rest of the seats were broken. Moreover, the staff at the information desk were busy with their mobile phones and chatting with one another. They were working slowly and not attending to the patients according to the over influx of the patients.

    Moreover, they had no proper record of appointments. Later, it was revealed that they had scheduled two appointments in the slot of one patient. Such professionalism and non-serious attitude of hospital staff created a lot of fuss, frustration, and anxiety among patients. It was noted that many patients were waiting for hours and they were not given the required treatment. After some time, they informed me that the doctor had gone for a short tea break amidst so many patients waiting for their turn.

    Not only this but when I went to the reception and asked them for further information related to my appointment, they showed the cold shoulder to my queries and handed me over a paper and pencil to write down my query. They gave me no immediate solution and told me that my query had been jotted down and would be delivered to the Patient Care Management (PCM).

    Dear, we as patients do not expect such discrepancy at a medical healthcare center. Your medical center has a good reputation, however, it is noted that the management has failed to cope with very basic issues. I understand that no institute and service is flawless, however, continuance practice of unprofessionalism and poor performance of duties will result in distrust of patients. I hope you will give immediate attention to this matter and resolve the issues pointed out at your earliest.

    Thank you.


    [Your Name]
    [Contact Number]

    Patient Feedback Letter Complaining on Issues or Incidents

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    Re. Complaining Poor Quality and Other Concerns

    Dear [Recipient’s Name / Designation],

    I hope this letter finds you in pleasant circumstances and wellness. I am writing this letter to bring your kind attention to a matter of grave concern and the quality of medical care served by your healthcare center. I am writing this letter to you to resolve the issues and problems found at your medical facility.

    First of all, I went to your medical center for my kidney checkup to the nephrologist of your clinic. My appointment was scheduled at [Time] but they did not grant me the scheduled slot. I had to wait for another hour to get my checkup done. Later on, the doctor did not give me ample time and seemed to be rushed. Due to the influx of patients, he hardly spent ten minutes on my examination and did not pay much attention to my questions. Most of my queries remained unaddressed and I kept feeling uncertain about my medical condition.

    Moreover, the clinic staff was very unresponsive to basic queries. There was a good deal of communication gap among hospital staff members. Due to their poor communication, patients were suffering from anxiety and frustration.

    By adding fuel to the fire, there was poor hygiene and no cleanliness. There were no air purifiers and a pungent smell around. Sanitation processes and SOPs were not being followed. A medical facility should have high standards of sanitation and cleanliness. Moreover, it could be seen that there were no sanitizers available in the hospital.

    I understand that running a medical facility or a healthcare center is a big intricate task. I also apprehend that there can be flaws in any perfect system of performance and service but being a stakeholder of the service, I contribute my part by bringing these concerns to your attention. I expect that you will understand my points of concern and resolve them at your earliest. If you have any queries, let me know at [Phone Number]. Thank you for your consideration and for attending to my concerns.


    [Your Name]

    [Contact Information]

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