Medical Certificate Recommendation Letter

It is a type of business letter that is often written to those people who need a medical certificate. Some companies ask their employees to provide them with medical certificates so that their medical conditions can be confirmed. For instance, if a person remains absent from work for many days without sending a leave application and now requests the company to not deduct his salary because of the sickness he was going through, he would receive a recommendation letter for a medical certificate.

When a person needs to submit a medical certificate, he is asked to get one from the physician. This certificate helps him a lot in various situations. For instance, when a person needs to prove that he has any type of medical illness, he will need a certificate to show. Therefore, a recommendation letter is written.

The purpose of the recommendation letter is to convince the reader that he needs a medical certificate. So, you should write it in a convincing tone. Here are a few things to follow for the best piece of writing:

  1. As soon as you start the letter, give the background of the situation
  2. Give a recommendation of the medical certificate to the person.
  3. Let the reader know the benefits of getting a medical certificate.

1st letter

I have received your application in which you have requested the approval of the sick leave of 5 days. You have described your sickness in detail in the application. However, you have not given any proof. So, we would like to let you know that the company needs proof in the form of a medical certificate.

We recommend you contact the medical practitioner who has prescribed you the best rest for 5 days and asks him to issue the medical certificate. With the help of this certificate, you will be able to get your leave approved. In addition to it, we can also give you paid leave if your certificate shows anything serious that was important for you to treat right now instead of waiting for some vacation period.

With the medical certificate, the company will find it easy to process your leave application. If you need to know how to get a certificate, we are ready to guide you. Furthermore, get the information about the format before you get a certificate.

2nd letter

Sub: Recommendation letter for a medical certificate of [XYZ]

This letter is being written to you considering your medical condition. Last week, you visited the hospital with severe pain in your back. After carrying out you’re screening and tests, it was seen that you have a serious backbone problem.

After seeing your reports, the strong recommended you go on best rest at least for a week. However, you were not willing to take a rest since you are a working woman. Here, we would like to remind you that there is nothing more important for a person than his health. So, compromising your health is never a good thing to do.

We strongly recommend you get a medical certificate from the doctor. This will help you get paid medical leave from the office. We feel that you will not be able to get better unless you take a rest. Therefore, taking a medical certificate is extremely important for you.

If you want to know about the process of applying for a certificate from your physician, we are ready to provide you with the necessary guidance. Kindly let us know what format to follow when you need the certificate. We will look forward to your well-being and a reply from your side.

Medical Certificate Recommendation Letter

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