Medical Appointment Record Sheets

The field of health and medicine is one of the pillars of a healthy and happy society. Health, as we all know, is one of the basic rights of any individual who took birth on this earth. There was a time in human history when health wasn’t given much importance and people had to die of disease and misery. With the passage of time, the field of health and medicine took a good leap and a lot of researches made it possible that precious human lives were saved at a greater rate.

As the medical field flourished, there came the concept of hospitals and medical centers where doctors used to sit in their clinics and patients came for consultation when required.  Now, we see that the field has become more advanced and properly organized.

People who intend to consult a specialist need an appointment before they can actually meet their doctor. Another reason is an ever-increasing burden or workload over the doctors so the clinics manage their patients by proper appointment methods. Appointments are taken before the consultation which makes it easier to handle the flood of patients.


Medical appointment record

If a patient is coming to see some clinic or a doctor on a regular basis, a record is maintained by the hospital. This record helps in the follow-up and tracking of the nature of the illness of the patient. It also helps in differentiating a booked and regular patient to an unbooked patient.

A regular patient is always the preference of any hospital or clinic. Anyways, the appointment record is maintained by the hospital management which contains all the important details regarding the patient, his doctor and the reason for consultation. Let’s have a look at a regular appointments record table to know how this record works and how do we utilize it in the future references.

  1. So, a medical appointment record paper is designated with the name of the patient and his details if necessary. This paper is usually kept in the record file of the patient which is usually kept safe in the hospital medical record department. Whenever needed, this file can be used to verify the appointments and especially the reason for the appointment.
  2. After the basic details and contact information of the patient, the medical appointment record sheet is divided into a number of rows and columns. The first column is for serial number indicating how many visits this particular patient has made to the doctor.
  3. Then comes the column for date and time. Date and time of the appointment is the most important part of the appointment record because it confirms the availability of the doctor. This is also used by the doctor to know how many patients he is expecting to see on that particular date and time.
  4. Name of the doctor along with his designation in the hospital and his specialty is also mentioned in the appointment record sheet. This also gives a lot of good information about the patient’s purpose.
  5. Reason for consultation is very important to mention which has to be mention in front of each appointment.
Medical appointment record sheet

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