Hospital Research Registration Form

There are research centers in many hospitals that perform research in the medical field in addition to giving treatment to different people. Those who seek treatment trust such hospitals more because they use the data obtained from every patient to feed their research objectives.

Many patients want to participate in the research conducted by the hospital. Usually, hospitals have a particular research direction that requires people to work closely in any specific department with experts to get the research findings. This is useful for the hospital as well as for the entire medical field, as fruitful research results often have a very positive impact on the lives of millions of people across the world.

Those who want to work in a hospital as researchers have to put forward a request before the hospital as the researchers often have to access different sensitive and important parts of the medical facility, due to which the researcher has to fill out a form and prove that he/she is a right fit for the research department of the hospital. Some patients also fill out this form to become active members of the research.

What is a hospital research registration form?

A student who wants to conduct the research is required to register his research so that the record of the hospital can be updated with the data obtained from the student. For this purpose, a candidate is asked to fill out a form, which is known as a research registration form. This form is also used when people wanting to participate in the research come forward and show their interest in the hospital where the research is being conducted.

Why is it important to use the registration form for research?

The hospital collects the data from these forms and then compiles it for researchers working in the hospital. Then, they check the eligibility of the participants and determine if these participants can help their research grow and get some useful findings.

For instance, if research is being carried out on people under 30 years of age, the age of every participant will be checked to see how many people are eligible. The form also enables the management of the hospital to make sure that the privacy of every person taking part in the research is kept safe and that every patient is well protected in case of any medical trial.

What are the main sections of the research registration form?

Here are some main elements to be found in every registration form:

Details about the participant

The name, gender, date of birth, contact details, emergency contact details, complete residential address, and some other personal details are taken in the first section of the form.

Medical history of the participant

The participation of every candidate should be safe, and for this, a clinic also pays attention to the medical history of the patient. If there is a medical trial of any medicine, the researcher cannot blindly give it to people. This is why the medical history of every candidate is taken into account before deciding on adding them to the research group.

Details of the research study

Those who want to participate are often asked to share the name of the study that they are interested in. They also share the objectives of that study and mention whether they want to do it voluntarily or if they want to be charged for their participation.

Role of the participant

In this section of the form, the participant describes the role he is interested in playing. Sometimes, the participant does not know the role, and due to this, most forms provide a list of options to choose from.

Details regarding confidentiality

The candidate will let the hospital know in this section whether he wants his details and participation to be kept private or not, as some people don’t want to disclose their participation. Furthermore, it is their right to keep their data safe and secure.


At the end, participants sign the form, which is an indication that they have given their consent and are willing to take part in the research program initiated by the hospital. The applicant is required to mention the date of filling out the form.

Hospital Research Registration Form

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