House Cleaning Checklist Template

House cleaning can be a very daunting and tiring experience because it requires you to clean every nook of your home and get rid of the extra stuff. It is important to always keep things that are useful and can be used further otherwise get rid of excess. In addition to everyday cleaning, thorough monthly cleaning or cleaning around the holiday season is done to keep the house in check and welcoming for guests.

A house cleaning checklist is a tool that enlists all the chores pertaining to the cleaning of all the parts of a house. It requires cleaning all rooms, pantries, kitchens, bathrooms, and all kinds of drawers to make sure that the house is perfectly clean. There are certain corners of the house, which are used as dumping grounds and things keep getting piled up due to a shortage of time or any other reason.

Checklists can cover each area separately and can also be divided into various tasks for a definite period of time. A thorough cleaning gives a complete makeover to the house. Once a house is completely cleaned, efforts can be put in to keep it like that by doing a little bit of cleaning each day. A monthly cleaning checklist can help in devising a daily cleaning checklist thus, helping residents to always come to clean homes.

Checklists are devised in a manner that each part of the house is further categorized based on the time required for cleaning. Generally, it can be made in the following manner,


The kitchen is the most used part of the house because it is crucial for every meal preparation and other chore. It is most likely to get dirty because of its frequent use. Chores essential to kitchen cleaning are given below,

  • Clean stove and marble tops after every meal preparation to prevent build-up.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes for too long, try to clean them as soon as possible.
  • Before every pantry restocking, make sure all cabinets are clean and wipe off dirt with a cloth.
  • Empty bins each day to avoid foul smelling.
  • Try to install a compost bin to prevent the rotting of vegetable and fruit scraps.
  • Wash the sink every night and perform a thorough cleaning weekly.
  • Do a monthly deep clean by emptying cabinets and vacuuming the entire area.
  • The microwave, toaster, dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator should be cleaned once every month.

Living Room:

After the kitchen, the living room captures more dust particles because everyone spends time in the living room, once they are free from their daily chores. After work, movie nights and match tournaments are celebrated in the living room because it is the comfiest

  • Make sure to make sofas daily by putting cushions and throws in a good manner.
  • Vacuum each sofa to prevent dust from settling.
  • Mop floors every other day because they can get dirty.


Bedrooms are usually needed for sleeping but these get dirty because of the use of attached bathrooms and wardrobes.

  • Make your bed immediately after you wake up because it gives you a tidy look.
  • Do not throw dirty laundry on the bed or chairs.
  • Keep the furniture minimal.
  • Change bedsheets every other week because it captures dust particles.
House cleaning checklist template

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