Childproofing Checklist

Children are the apples of an eye for the parents. Parents always want the best for their little ones even if they grow adults. They always want their children safe from any kind of injury. When a child is born, parents start thinking about making their house baby-proof. They do it because they don’t want their children to be a victim of any sort of major or minor injury.

Childproofing is the term used for the process or the arrangements made to make the house free from expected injuries. Childproofing has become a popular term over the past decades. Though it is not a new concept because people always tried to make their living places childproof for the better safety of their babies.

The United States consumer product safety commission has provided a checklist that can be used as a guide to making effective arrangements for your child to be safe and free from the danger of getting any injury.

Let’s have a look at this checklist.

  1. The first and foremost gadget for childproofing is the safety latches. These latches and locks are always used on the kitchen cabinets and drawers in the house to protect children from injury directly from the wood and from ingestion of any material present in these drawers and cabinets.
  2. It is always advised that all the stairs are well-gated. This is because crawling children tend to explore all the areas around the house and there is a high chance that they fall from the stairs while taking their ventures.
  3. Make sure that the doorknob covers and door locks are properly protected because children may lock themselves up which proves to be a serious and disastrous condition sometimes.
  4. Shower heads and faucets must be covered with anti-scald devices and caps. It is also advised that the water temperature in the taps must be regulated to room temperature so that children don’t become victims of burns, especially during winter.
  5. Smoke alarms and fire alarms must be checked and reinstalled if not properly functioning. Some naughty kids tend to play with such harmful items and can fall victim to serious burns and shocks at times.
  6. All the windows, doors, and stairs must be guarded, or a net covering must be attached so that they don’t fall while playing alongside an open door or window.
  7. Tables and corners must be cushioned and covered so that the little angels don’t get an injury to their heads and eyes while playing near furniture.
  8. A carbon monoxide alarm must also be installed in the house to detect possible suffocation well in time. The tassels and ropes of the blinds must be hung up so that children don’t strangle themselves while playing with them.
  9. Pools and spas must be covered because there are chances that children tend to play there and fall victim to drowning.

All the above-mentioned safety rules must be followed properly so that the safety of new babies can be assured.

Childproofing checklist
Provided by: The Royal Children’s Hospital Safety Centre

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