A sleep diary of your child helps you to determine your child’s habits and activities. It also helps you to know what assist you to put your child to bed on time. Nap time or making your child follow a sleep time routine can be a challenging task especially if your child is not sleepy or if you do any activity that makes your child active around the time you want to put him/ her to bed.

Making your child follow a proper sleep time routine is not just good for your baby’s health and growth but also important for you as looking after a child can be tiring. It also helps mothers and prepared school teachers with the behavior of a child.

A sleep diary for your child holds the following information:

  • The name of the child
  • The date for the week of the record
  • The time you put your child to bed against each day of the week
  • The time your child falls asleep
  • If and when & why your child wakes up because of a nightmare
  • The time your child wakes up
  • The time and duration of the naps your child took in a day

This record can be shared with the school teacher to evaluate your child’s behavior in school. This can help you to know if your child is getting the proper, healthy and normal amount of sleep required for a kid of her/his age. If your child is underslept or overslept this can affect his/her health and you might need to consult a doctor and change your child’s lifestyle.


Child sleep diary

DOWNLOAD: Child Sleep Diary

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