Child Medication Log

A medicine or medication log is a schedule of the medication a person follows with reference to any medical condition. If you have to leave your child with a guardian or health care provider or if your child is to be given medicine during school hours, you need to provide a medication log to ensure the prescribed dose is given on time and never missed.

A child’s medication log contains the following information :

  • The name of the child
  • The age of the child
  • Your name and contact details
  • The name and contact of the doctor who prescribed the medication
  • The pharmacy that you purchase the medicine from
  • The name of the medicine
  • The purpose of the medicine
  • The dose given
  • The time the medicine is to be given
  • The signature of the health care giver
  • It is also wise to mention the allergies your child has so in case of emergency that information can be useful.


child medication log

This log can also be maintained by the care giver if the parent doesn’t provide it voluntarily. If you are a creepy giver then you need to attach this log with the parent consent form to be filled and signed by the parent. Also you can ask the parents to buy the medication in advance and give it to you or you can ask the name of the pharmacy the parent trusts and charge them afterwards. These logs are not just used by parents or health care providers but also by foster care centers and day care centers as well.

Download: Child Medication Log





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