Baby Feeding/Diaper Charts

A new life comes into this world after nine months of making and nourishing in the womb of its mother. In the womb, the baby receives all his food and nutrition through the placenta and excretes wastes products into the amniotic fluid through different routes of the body.

A mother cannot wait to see the face of her tiny little miracle she co-created with God and waits on the ticking clock for her baby to come into her lap from her womb. Then the time comes, when her baby is ready to come and face the world. He arrives and with him, he brings countless issues of feeding, bowel and a contract of constant nappy change for his mother to sign till he decides to do that for himself.

And this is a normal situation. Imagine a baby with some congenital digestive disorder, a baby with feeding difficulty, a baby with anus imperforation or fistulas. Imagine the struggle of such mothers.


Well, we are not here to horrify just to make a simple picture and will definitely bring about a remedy to cope with the drill of cleaning poop off your little one.

Importance of keeping a feeding and diaper chart

A baby’s feeding diaper chart is ideal to maintain because;

It is always advised to the new mother that she must try to make a regular cycle of her baby’s feeding which makes a regular cycle for his bowel moments and results in a little relieved for the mother.

  1. To know the baby’s feeding needs.
  2. To know the effects of a certain food on his feed, bowel routine, and his sleeping pattern.
  3. This tracker may be useful in training your baby for peaceful sleep and healthy eating habits.
  4. To know the association of baby’s bowel moments with the feed he takes. This is very important in knowing and identifying any feeding disorder, food allergy or intolerances to food.
  5. To provide with the right food he requires at the right time of the day.
  6. To keep a record of diaper usage and find ways to make it as economical as possible. Unnecessary diaper changes affect the pocket of course.
  7. For mother’s ease and a regular routine in life after a baby

How to make a baby’s feed and diaper tracker??

It is quite simple to maintain and is very easy to understand for first-time mothers as well. A baby feeding and diaper chart is divided into two halves. One half is assigned for the midnight and second for noon. We have to check the box in front of the action we take at a specific time of day and noon respectively.

  1. For the feeding box, we use the word R for right breast and L for the left breast.
  2. For wet diaper when identified and changed, we mark it with the tick mark.
  3. Similarly, the bowel movements when happened are mentioned with some details ideally.
Baby feeding and diaper chart

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