Daily Archive: March 15, 2019

Dog vaccination chart

Dog Vaccination Chart

Dogs as Pets and their vaccination A dog is the most favorite pet in all age groups. Young boys and even adults love to keep dogs as their pets and love playing with them and spending time with them. But having a pet is as demanding as having a baby. A dog must be properly vaccinated against many infectious diseases...

Physical activity tracker

Physical Activity Tracker

Physical activity is the mode of keeping one alive while he is breathing. By alive, we mean physically, mentally and psychologically sound. Being physically activity is a blessing whose importance when mentioned may require tons of kilos of papers and yet they cannot finish. Benefits of Physical activity and exercise It brings about a great change in your lifestyle. If...

Pregnancy verification form

Verification of Pregnancy Forms

Verification of pregnancy is a written form in which a certain female is confirmed to have been pregnant. It is in a letter format and confirms the presence of another life to come in the world. Who issue a verification of pregnancy form? The doctor who performs the pregnancy test on a female is authorized only to give the verification form....