Free Medical Invoice Template

The medical invoice template is a paper that is used to create detailed medical invoices. This invoice free template helps in making thorough, handsome and professional medical invoices in a quick and easy way. This invoice template is useful for any healthcare provider, physician or doctor to bill his patient for the medical services and also helps big hospitals to keep complete health care records.

Medical invoice template is also known as medical records invoice template or medical bill invoice that offers you an opportunity to create hospital invoices and hospital bills with a comprehensive medical bill format. These free invoice templates are available in different formats including excel and Microsoft word and mostly these two formats are considered by the users. Especially Microsoft excel is considered to be the best supported format for these invoice templates because it is said to be the best spreadsheet that is helpful in calculating and formatting client side date and provides an ideal tool for medical billing procedures.


Medical invoice template includes information about the sending company (name, address, city, phone, email and website), the person whom billing is made, date of invoice, invoice number, and name of the respective patient. Next are the details of the services and medicines provided by the bill sender to the said patient that has to pay the bill. The mode of payment is also mentioned whether it is through cheque, cash or visa card. In case of cheque, details of account number and in case of visa card, visa card details are mentioned as well.

Here is a preview of free medical invoice template  | Download- Medical Invoice

free medical invoice template