Baby’s First Food Log

First Food Log & Recording Sheets

When your child turns six months old it’s usually the time to introduce solid foods although a lot of pediatricians advise on starting mild solid food at the age of four months. Before this time your child’s stomach is only accustomed to milk. Introduction of first food can be a problem specially if you are first time parents. You are unaware of how your child would react to different types of foods, you don’t even know if your child has any food allergies or not. A wise approach is to discuss with your pediatrician about how and what food you want to start with. Do keep in mind that your child’s milk intake should be major percentage of his/her daily nutrition intake.

It is advisable that you start with a blended paste of oats and rice or fruits when you start solid food. You can start to leave small tit bits of food as your child is 8 months old. A very helpful tool in this important milestone in your child’s first year is a baby’s first food log. This log is a chart of different types of food belonging to different categories that you introduce at different stages of the first few months when you introduce first solid food. These logs can be very important in keeping record of how your child responds to different kinds of food and would help you and your pediatrician to assess if your child is allergic to any food or not. A babies first food log contains the name of the child and parents, the age of the child when the food is introduced.


baby's first food log
The log further describes in detail different categories of food and within each category different varieties given to the baby along with the date of introduction and how the baby responded.

Baby’s First Food Log Template
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