Baby Breast Feeding & Diaper Record

Breastfeeding, Diaper Change & Record Sheets

After a stressful 9 month and a nerve racking labor, you have your little bundle of joy in your hands. All the pain and anxiety seems to just vanish in thin air after you hold your baby for the first time. But after a few hours, worry seems to take over whether or not your little one is growing, when should you be feeding him/her, is he/she pooping alright?! Don’t worry, this is all natural and to help you get through the worry, make a baby feeding and diaper chart that documents and record the time when your baby ate and pooped!

The diaper and feeding chart should be divided into two columns, where the first one should be the feeding column and the second diaper change. Make sure that you mention the date on top of each page. After you note down an entry on either column, write down the exact time as well and in case of any notes, mention them on the side. This chart will help your pediatrician get a better look at the baby’s eating and pooping cycle and recommend you according to the chart.


Note that every baby is unique and so is his/her cycle as well. Don’t worry if the neighbor’s baby eats 4 times a day and you’re only three times! To make it a bit personal, add a touch of pink, blue or any color!

Keep the chart next to the place where you feed your baby to record it ASAP.

baby breast feeding and diaper record template

Baby Breast Feeding & Diaper Change Record Template
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