Student Medical Excusal Letter

Being ill is something we may not be able to control. If your child is ill, you may need to write a student medical excusal letter to excuse them from school because of their illness.

This letter is important as the school should know why your child is not able to attend. A medical excuse letter can be accompanied by a medical note coming from a doctor. This can double your credibility.

Tips to write a student medical excusal letter

  1. Write your contact details, including name, address, phone number and email address.
  2. Write the date.
  3. State the details of the principal, their name, designation and address of the school.
  4. Address to the principal.
  5. Start off by stating what this letter is for. Write the name of your child and their class. State their illness and for how long they will miss school.
  6. In the second paragraph, you may write the name of the doctor and what they have suggested. State if you have enclosed the medical note.
  7. In the last paragraph tell when your child will be able to attend school. You can show your concern about the work your child will miss and ask if you can pick this up.
  8. Request that they use your child’s other test averages if any tests are held to figure out the final score within the mark-sheet.
  9. End by expressing your thanks and sign off with your name and signature.

Sample letter:

(Your contact details, including name, address, contact number, and email)


(Contact details of Principal, including name, designation, and address of school)

Dear (Principal’s name):

This letter is concerned with my daughter/son (child’s name), who is in (class) at (school name). (Child’s name) has been suffering from (name of illness) and cannot come to school for (the time when absent).

(Name of doctor) Is (child’s name’s and designation of doctor) has suggested that she must not attend school for the above length of time so that her classmates and teachers do not get exposed to the disease. Kindly find attached a medical note from (Doctor’s name) with this letter.

(Name of child) Will be able to rejoin school (Date). I know that s/he will miss much school work. Therefore, I request that you let me come and get her/his coursework weekly, so that s/he may practice at home. If any tests are carried out at this time, I request that you use the average of the other tests to figure out the final score.

Thank you for cooperating.



(Printed Name)


Student medical excusal letter

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