Immunization Charts

Immunization in simple words is a process in which a person is made immune or resistant to certain infectious agent. Human beings have been blessed with a natural immune system that fights against all the foreign invaders and especially those which are harmful for the body.

Immunization or vaccination is the process of inducing or boosting the immune system against the immunogenic agent of your target.

Benefits of immunization

Immunization has undoubtedly unlimited benefits. It has literally changed the fate human kind. There was a time when mankind was dying of cholera and measles. Now, we see it very rarely that someone underwent any complications due to these infectious diseases.


Life expectancy was too short back in time and there were uncountable mortalities and morbidities due to measles, mumps, hepatitis, tetanus, pertussis and Polio. Now, after the development of different vaccines, these diseases have been controlled quite well.

The number of deaths has been greatly decreased and the life expectancy is quite improved. Now, many children see their 18th birthdays and more.

Diseases against which vaccines have been developed

There are many diseases against which scientists have successfully developed vaccines and pulled the human kind out of the misery, pain and death.

Some of these diseases are;

  1. Hepatitis B
  2. Measles
  3. Mumps
  4. Rubella
  5. Polio
  6. Pertussis
  7. Tetanus
  8. Pneumonia vaccine
  9. Diphtheria
  10. Influenza
  11. Rotavirus
  12. Tuberculosis
  13. Chicken pox
  14. HPV
  15. Meningococcal vaccine

Importance of Immunization Chart

  1. Since the development of number of these vaccines, it has become mandatory to get your newborn vaccinated properly and keep a chart of their immunization as a record and proof of their immunization.
  2. The immunization chart helps you to keep a record of all the diseases against which your child has been vaccinated and know the remaining diseases as well.
  3. It helps you never to forget the next date of immunization.
  4. It works as a very important document which is needed especially when you are travelling out of the record.

Immunization chart maintenance

Immunization chart is issued to the newborn at the time of his first vaccine. Parents are advised to keep it safe and bring it back every time he backs for the vaccination to be filled by the doctor who vaccinates the child.

So, basically the immunization record is filled by health professionals and kept safe by the parents. However, here is a simple description for the parents specially to have a better understanding of the chart that helps them to show more compliance.

Name, date of birth, date and address are written at the top of the card in prominent way when the baby comes for immunization for the first time.

Under the name, there is chart with multiple columns and rows.

Your doctor writes the name of disease or vaccine, site of administration, age and date at which the vaccine is being administered and the notes and next visit date is also mentioned.

It is also important to mention the manufacturing company with their expiry date.

Immunization chart
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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