Attestation Letter Written by GP for the Patient

A general practitioner will often have to write an attestation letter claiming that a patient has a certain condition. Through this letter, the GP will certify that the patient has the condition and may not be able to do certain activities. It gives proof of this fact.

What is an attestation letter written by GP for the patient?

An attestation letter written by GP for a patient is the letter that a GP will write for a patient who has a medical condition that does not allow them to do some activities. The letter may be required by the patient to submit to the headmaster, boss, etc. It is written in a formal way.

Importance of writing an attestation letter for the patient:

This letter is important because it provides proof that a patient has a medical condition that may make them unfit. The letter can be given to different places where the patient works or studies to let them know that they have the condition. The patient may be taking days off work and so will need to tell the boss why this is so. The letter can give solid proof of this.

If there are issues later on and the boss or teacher needs to know why an employee or student was not at work or school, the letter can be consulted. It can be kept in the records of the patient in case it is needed later on for any confirmation.

The GP can even keep the letter in the file of the patient so that they will remember what the patient was and is suffering with. It is a professional way to help people know about what a patient is experiencing concerning their health.

When one can write it?

The letter is written when a patient requests their GP to provide them with an attestation that they have a medical condition. The patient may have been asked to get this letter from their GP. This may have been from their boss or teacher.

Possible advantages of writing the letter

The letter has some advantages that are given below:

It is helpful to patients:

When someone is suffering from a medical condition, be it depression, heart problems, etc. they will not be in perfect condition to carry out some tasks. This may affect their work at school or their job. The patient must be able to communicate to their head that they will not be able to perform optimally due to them suffering from a medical condition. The attestation letter will be helpful here and will give solid proof.

Proof of a medical condition:

Sometimes a boss or principal may not believe that a patient is suffering from a medical condition. It may be tough for the patient to communicate this to the concerned individual. This may be frustrating them. With the help of the attestation letter, they will not have to go into long discussions with the person.

Helps people deal with the patient:

Individuals who do not know that the person is suffering from a medical condition may become frustrated when the individual is not working properly. The patient may become more frustrated and get sicker due to this. But with the attestation letter, the patient can let people know why they are behaving in a certain way.

A Sample Letter

Your name
Your address                     


Name of recipient
Post of recipient
Address of the hospital

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Attestation letter for patient

I, (provide your full name), am a General Practitioner who works at (give the name of the clinic or hospital where you work) and hereby attest that (provide the name of the patient) is suffering from (state what medical condition they have). They have been diagnosed with this condition (tell when they were diagnosed).

Due to this, they are not able to (state what the patient will not be able to do due to the condition; tell clearly how the medical condition will affect their health).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (provide a phone number and email address where they can contact you).


Signatures of the GP.

Attestation Letter Written by GP for the Patient

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