Driving License Application Form

Driving License Application

Different conditions have to be fulfilled before an individual can acquire a driving license. A part from other requirements, a person must be physically fit. There should not be such medical disorder(s) that could make driving difficult for the person. The proof of health fitness is presented in the form of a medical examination certificate. This certificate should not be older than a period of two years according to the law observed in most countries of the world. Therefore, a driving license medical form is a very important piece of document. Every individual who wishes to acquire a driving license must first fill out this form as a prerequisite.

In order to fill out a license application form, an individual must undertake a complete medical examination. The examination must be performed by a registered physician. The medical form is required to have the name and signature of the physician along with the name and signature of the applicant. Usually, the form consists of check boxes for the applicant to provide important information such as whether he wears corrective lenses or glasses, needs a hearing aid and other information about the overall state of his health.


All the information provided in this application form must be accurate. Both the applicant and his physician will be held responsible in case any discrepancies or misinformation are discovered later. Therefore, the form must be filled out very carefully and honestly. The acquisition of a driving license depends on this form.You can Download this template directly from this page.

Driving License Application Form