Baby Feeding and Diaper Chart

Feeding & Diaper

When you have a newborn baby, so many things are happening too fast that it’s difficult to remember them all for your reference and the counter-reference of your pediatrician. Following a chart or maintaining a log makes it easier and helpful to make sure that your baby’s growth is healthy and normal. You not only need to maintain a chart for the vaccination of your child but also would need a record of food and diaper change so you can compare it with a reference to healthy growth your pediatrician might provide you.

The baby feeding and diaper chart is maintained on three levels :

  • Per day: this is the record of feeds a baby takes in one day, the time of the feed given to the baby, the amount given usually in ounces and the duration in which the baby finishes the feed. You can also add your own notes if you want to add so you can discuss it afterward.
  • Per week: this is a summary of the per day record for the whole week including any new food you might have introduced to the baby in that week.
  • Per month: like per week, this is an overview of the 4 weeks in the month and how much feed your baby took and the comparison if the amount of your baby’s feed intake was affected by the new food you introduced or if the amount was increased or decreased within different weeks of a month.

Similarly, are recorded; one for urine or pee and the second for stool or poop. This chart is vital to monitor the healthy and normal growth of a baby.


baby feeding and diaper chart

Download: Baby Feeding and Diaper Chart