Web Based Medical Course Training Evaluation Form

Everyone who is involved in any kind of online learning through taking, producing or delivery has to agree that the quality of learning is the main thing. But the important factor is that how quality can be objectively measured as it is thought to be a difficult job.

Web-based medical training and evaluation form is one tool to measure the quality of online training. This form contains the details related to course title or training name, the name of the participant, date of training, the location where training was conducted, name of the instructor and contact & email of the instructor.

TheĀ evaluation form also asks for the feedback and criticism of the participants to further improve the quality of web-based training. Generally, the questions mentioned in the form cover presentation, materials, objective, quality and any additional question or suggestion by the participants.


Although assessment of training quality is an imaginary expectation, yet through this form, we try to adopt a formal process to assess the quality of training. Project underfunding, poor design, technical barriers and optimistic schedules are all the factors that can destroy the quality of training.

The better approach to improve the quality of web-based training is to have a proper feedback from participants and to give importance to their point of view and suggestions rather than doing efforts on our own. All the parties involved in a training program should be asked for feedback and share experiences to have better information. In short web-based training, monitoring and evaluation form is a source to request feedback from all the participants of certain training.

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Web Based Medical Course Training Evaluation Form



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