Sample Free Donation Form

What is donation?
Most commonly donation is a gift or present given a person or group of persons involved in an organized entity, for the benefit of a special cause or for charitable purposes.

Types of donations:

Donations can be of various types. Some of them are given below:
• Cash or financial assistance
• Services of any kind
• Goods of use which may be new or used


Donation Form:
A donation form is a written document that is used whenever a donation of any kind is made. It is a form for record keeping and maintaining an evidence for future reference and auditing and accountability purposes. The contents of the donation form are quite simple and basic. These may include name of the donor and his complete contact information. The amount or service or product given as a donation, nature of donation, date of donation and complete details of the party to whom donation has been made is also mentioned on the donation form.

Whenever a person wants to give donation to any type of social and welfare organization they do so by filling in and submitting the donation form. Many organizations have developed their own donation forms to keep a record of donations made to them. It is required that the form should be correctly filled and no false information should be used. These are available on demand and are useful for the donors as well. It is a good way of keeping an accountability of the amount donated.

Donation Form Sample-1

Sample Free Donation Form

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Donation Form Sample-2

Donation Form

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Sample free donation form

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