Sample Donation Pledge Form

Donation Pledge Form

When somebody decides to make a donation to a charity, either in installments or in lump sum amount, he can use a donation pledge form to make a formal promise for a single donation or more than one donation in series.

The agreement of donation in the shape of a donation pledge form can also be used to make it sure that the donor receives some sort of recognition for his donation is an act of generosity. This recognition may be in the shape of inclusion of donor’s name in the list of donors or portrait or an inscribed plaque displayed in the office of charity.

Use of Donation Pledge Form

Donation pledge form normally contains basic information about the donor (name, contact details etc), information about the pledge (check, cash, credit card and payment on monthly, quarterly or annual basis), and information about the acknowledgment (names to be included in acknowledgment).


The form is used when you are making a single donation to any nonprofit organization or you are setting up a series of ongoing donations or you are running a nonprofit concern and you are making a formal agreement with the donor for a donation.

The spirit of donation requires some paperwork and this form is considered to be a useful tool while giving a donation or receiving a donation for a nonprofit concern. This form can help you in maintaining financial records and also can help every concerned keep organized. This agreement form is also known as a charitable pledge contract and charitable donation agreement.

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Sample Donation Pledge Form


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