Research Note Chart Form Template

Research note chart form template is a very useful tool that is of a great help for students to keep all the records like research sources and research note cards in a single document and that is in shape of this form. Generally the contents of a research notes chart are name of the research, name of the person conducting research, Date and different column and a lot of space for research sources and research questions.

During any research study, making different notes might affect your speed of reading and can slow it down but also helps you to prevent spending too much time and energy on re-reading and re-tracing the crucial sections or paragraphs you already had done. If you have the ability to keep copy of your reading or text on hand, then the research note chart are only a source of short indication so that you can find the required text. If you have borrowed the material for a time period and don’t have these original material available with you, in that case it would not be possible for you to reach that original text again, so in that situation your research notes should be in more complete shape.

Research notes generally function as paper trail that connects your final finished text to the original source. A good research notes chart  or research cards really helps the researcher to prevent any accidental and unwanted plagiarism. That is why research notes are considered to be very essential and a great help for researchers in any research work.



Here is a preview of research note chart form template:

Research notes chart form template

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