Monthly Period Tracker

It can be very difficult to handle the monthly period if you are unprepared or away from home. Like for example if you are on a picnic or an official dinner in a restaurant and you realize that your period is coming then it will be not only embarrassing but also very hard to manage. To avoid such situations you need to know when your period is due specially if it is irregular. To keep track of the date you might expect the period can be calculated by keeping a record or a log, this log is called the monthly period tracker.

By using this tracker you can maintain the record for the date that you get your period every month. This can help you know the ratio of irregularities helping you to avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. The tracker holds information about the year your making record of  and the day of the respective month you want to record. The tracker is in the form of a chart displaying the date against each month and you just have to mark the starting date of your period and the ending date.


monthly period trackerThe monthly period tracker can not only be used as a personal record keeper and monthly date calculator but also be used for clinical evaluation for fertility and diagnosis. If you trying to get pregnant then this tracker can be the part of the records that are used to achieve this goal or find out the reason about the  problem.

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