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High blood pressure is one of the leading diseases in the world and one of the most discussed and researched topics in medical sciences. Common people are also very much aware of the problem of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and their lethal consequences.

Hypertension as most of us are aware of is the raised blood pressure in our vessels. Hypertension has been divided into main two types and is treated according to this classification. Essential hypertension and non-essential hypertension are the two main types of hypertension.

Essential hypertension is the kind of hypertension who cause of occurrence is always unknown. We can never tell what the actual reason behind this raised blood pressure is. In non-essential hypertension, there is always a reason behind the raised blood pressure. Increased blood cholesterol levels, genetic causes, kidney diseases, and many other reasons always give a reason for the resulted raised blood pressure. These causes are addressed in the management of hypertension and the cure of the cause most of the times cures the problem only if the problem has got incurable otherwise.

Management of Raised blood pressure

Raised blood pressure is definitely a disease and must be managed as soon as we see a case of hypertension. The first and foremost step in the management of the case of increased blood pressure is the establishment of diagnosis and acceptance on the part of the patient and his relatives.

This begins with regular maintenance of record of the blood pressure readings. If a single reading of the patient shows a raised diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure or both, we can’t label that person as hypertension.

According to the guidelines if consecutive two or three readings of blood pressure at different occasions are raised, only then we can label them as hypertensive.

Maintenance of blood pressure record through a blood pressure tracker

A blood pressure tracker is always advised to such patients so that the establishment of diagnosis gets easy for the patient and proper management can be started. It is also helpful in the adjustment of doses of anti-hypertensive drugs for an already diagnosed case of hypertension.

The patient or his close attendant is given a chart where he has to mention all the readings of blood pressure he takes in a day. This gives a crystal-clear review of the status of blood pressure at different times of the day.

The blood pressure tracker is a very simple chart and anybody who doesn’t have a basic or background knowledge of the physiology of blood pressure can also follow and fill it very easily.

  1. At the top of the chart, mention the name, age, and sex of the patient which is very important especially in cases of systemic illnesses. If the patient is already a diagnosed case, you need to mention the diagnosis of the patient as well.
  2. After that, a number of columns and rows can be seen below and are labeled as the time of the blood pressure record and the readings for diastolic and systolic blood pressure as well.
Blood pressure tracking chart

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