Emergency Leave Letter for Medical Treatment

Health issues can pop up at any time. These issues are such that they may be urgent and suddenly appear. It is important to inform the place that you work at or study at when you need any medical emergency treatment. It shows your professionalism and concern for the job.

What is an emergency leave letter for medical treatment?

An emergency leave letter for medical treatment is the letter written by an employee or student to inform higher authorities of a medical emergency that they have. The individual will need some leave for this and the letter is a way of getting this leave. You may need the medical treatment or it may be one of your family members who require it.

Importance of an emergency leave letter for medical treatment:

An emergency leave letter for medical treatment is important as it helps one get leave for their medical emergency issue. They can do this in a professional way. The letter can be kept as proof if needed later on to see how many days some individual was not at work. The reasons for their absence can be known as well.


Tips to create an emergency leave letter for medical treatment:

If you need to make an emergency leave letter for medical treatment, you should create it in a way that the reader will take it seriously and grant you the leave that you need. The following tips can be kept in mind when making it:

  • Type it: The letter should not be written by hand. You should type it in an application like Microsoft Word so that it looks professional. The font must be a formal one like Times New Roman or Arial. The size can be 12 or 14.
  • Sender’s details: Tell the name of the employee and their address.
  • Date: State the date that the letter has been written on.
  • Receiver’s details: State the designation of the person to who the letter is being addressed and the company’s name and address.
  • Subject: The subject will tell what the letter is about briefly. It can be in bold. The subject may be something like “Emergency Leave for Medical Treatment”.
  • Body of the letter: Address the reader with “Dear” and their name. In the introductory paragraph, you will introduce yourself. Tell your issue politely here. The paragraph must provide a basic idea about your emergency leave. You should tell what the medical issue is and why it is urgent to address. In the next paragraph you may state the reasons for the leave and other points concerning the dates you need the leave for. The important critical information should be present here without you exaggerating anything. In the concluding paragraph, successfully sign-off in a polite as well as respectful way.
  • Ending: You can end with “Sincerely” then your name and designation in the company.
  • Proofread: It is important to proofread the letter. There should be no grammar and spelling mistakes. These make it look unprofessional.

An emergency leave letter for medical treatment should be written respectfully and clearly. The point of the letter should immediately be communicated to the reader. Do not add extra details and only add the necessary stuff. The above tips can be kept in mind when making this letter.

Sample Letter

Subject: Emergency Leave for Medical Treatment

Dear (name of the employer),

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I have recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. (Tell what the condition is. You should let the reader know why the illness is serious). The doctor has advised me to rest and recover so that I can feel better. (If one of your family members has experienced an urgent medical issue, you will tell it here).

I plan to come back to work (give the date when you can arrive at work). (State the reasons why you need to remain away from work for this amount of time).

I have told my colleagues of this situation and am sure that the company will not face any issues due to my absence during this time. I am available on call at (state the number), at any time if you need me.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to get a positive response.


Employee’s signature

Print the name of the employee

Designation of employee

Emergency Leave Letter for Medical Treatment

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