Doctor Visit Preparation Form

Doctor’s visit is something we all want to be perfect because it is the way to better diagnosis and better management of one’s illness. With the passage of time, the healthcare system has really improved a lot and with that improvement, we have witnessed more awareness in the general population. It is good in many ways because informed and educated patients turn out to be helping in better health care on the receiving end.

So, whenever we have an appointment with the doctor, we need to make some arrangements and preparations. This especially applies if the visit is for some specialist doctor. Moreover, different kinds of outpatient examinations need different preparations and they must be done beforehand.

Before visiting a doctor

We must always make a basic plan before visiting the doctor as this helps in making the visit more fruitful in the end in every respect. We must try making a list of each and everything we need to discuss with the patient. A list must always be written down to avoid forgetting important points at the time of appointment.


Another important thing to do before going to the doctor is to make a record of the medications you are taking. If possible, you can collect all the medicines along with you so that the doctor knows all the medicines you have been taking. This is highly recommended if you’re visiting this doctor for the first time.

Apart from these basic preparations to be done by the patient, there are certain special arrangements which can be required in special circumstances.  Needing an interpreter in case of a language barrier or some hearing assistance if the patient has hearing issues and other similar arrangements can be quoted as examples.

Doctor visit preparation forms

Doctor visit preparation forms are used by the hospital or clinic staff at the time of booking an appointment.

For example, an appointment to radiologist needs a special arrangement and a full bladder if an abdominal ultrasound is needed. Similarly, special procedures and examinations need to be done in special conditions.

For the above-mentioned reasons, a doctor visit preparation form is filled, and a copy is handed over to the patient at the time of booking the appointment. All the necessary information is mentioned in the form. Let’s have a look at the details mentioned in the visit form.

  1. A standard doctor visit preparation form consists of routine information about the patient. Name of the doctor is also mentioned in the form and his specialty.
  2. Date and time of appointment are mentioned in the beginning. This information is mentioned in the beginning so that the patient does not miss the appointment date in any case.
  3. In the next section, the doctor declares that the appointment has been booked for this particular patient. Reason for the appointment is also mentioned.
  4. Presenting complaints of the patient mentioned in the chronological order.
  5. Any special instructions by the doctor are mentioned at the end which is to be followed by the patient.
Doctor Visit Preparation Form Template

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