Doctor Authorization Letter to Student for not Contagious

The doctor authorization letter given to a student for having an illness that is not contagious so that s/he can go to school is a letter that is given by the doctor to the patient which the patient can then submit to their school.

This letter gives permission to the student that they can continue going to school and that without their illness harming other students and peers.

This letter is useful for those students who have an illness that seems to be contagious, but in fact is not. The student may have been asked by the principal to provide this letter before being allowed to attend the particular school.

This letter will be present at clinics or even hospitals or even the school may provide the letter to the student to tell them to sign it from their doctor.

Some tips on how to write this letter

  1. The date should be stated at the top.
  2. The details of the person the letter is being addressed to, for instance to the principal or school nurse, need to be stated.
  3. In the letter, it should be clear that the student is in a condition to attend school without their illness being contagious.
  4. The student’s name and symptoms need to be stated.
  5. The contact details of the doctor’s office need to be present so that the doctor’s office can easily be contacted by the principal or school nurse. This should include email, phone number, the physical address of the doctor’s office.

Check out the below sample to get an idea of how to compose this type of letter:

Sample letter

[State the date]

To: [The Recipients Name]


City, State or Zip)

Dear [the Recipient’s name],

The following letter is intended to notify that [Name]’s symptoms are not contagious and therefore [Name] should be permitted to attend school without the fear of endangering others.

[Name]’s symptoms may be misunderstood for (infectious illness), but will not harm others. Therefore, there is no reason to quarantine and reduce [Name]’s contact with (his/her) peers based on (symptoms).

Any questions can be addressed to my office at (information).

Thank you,



Letter Preview

Doctor Authorization Letter to Student for not Contagious


Format: MS Word [.docx]



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