Diabetes Care Log for Schools

Diabetes is a chronic disease which can be inherited as well. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes then you have to take treatment and medication all your life. This condition can be by birth as well and even toddlers are diagnosed with it. It is becoming more common in preparation teens and teenagers as well. A diabetic patient has to alter his / her complete lifestyle to fit the requirements of the lifestyle and eating habits befitting diabetes control. It is difficult to manage diabetes in children especially school going as children tend to enjoy eating sweets and fast food.

The administration of the  school where your child goes needs to know about this condition so they can handle him / her accordingly and manage the time your child spends in school. More than one child can be affected by this ailment in the school and the medication and eating habits for each child can be different even though they share a common disease. The school maintains a log which holds details about each child suffering from diabetes, the age, and grade in which the child studies, the food items allowed to each child respectively and the medication that is to be given when the child is in the school.

The copy of this log is given to the cafeteria in charge, the medical in charge and the administration office. To make the life of the child better and normal the parents and the school needs to work together and this log helps in achieving that.

Diabetes care log for school

Download: Diabetes Care Log for School

Simi Karton

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