Child Vaccination Log

As a loving parent and a responsible citizen, it is necessary that you get your baby vaccinated as per the requirements of the demographics of the place you live in. We are fortunate that the infant mortality rate has decreased so much due to development and administration of these vaccinations. Now we can protect our child and children around us by getting them vaccinated on due time.

The vaccination starts right from the time your baby is born until the age of seven and in some areas till the age of twelve. During the first three years the frequency of vaccination is more and after three years  the frequency lessens to just booster shots every six months or annually.

Keeping a vaccination log is very important as it is a reference to health care given to your child later in life. Also nowadays this record is needed for traveling from one country or region to another and you can be denied entry into some regions if you are not properly vaccinated as per your record or if you don’t have a vaccination log for reference.

The child vaccination log has the following data:

  • The name of the child
  • The name of the center from where the vaccination is done
  • The age and date of each vaccination given to the child
  • The name of the vaccination given
  • The method of giving vaccination
  • The reaction of the child when given the vaccination.

Your child’s health care record is incomplete without this log. After each vaccination, the doctor would give you the date for the next vaccination.


Child vaccination log

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