Child Operation and Surgery Log

Child operations and surgery log are a record showing data about the surgery or number of surgeries a child undergoes due to some condition he/she has developed or an accident he / she has met with. This log can be maintained by the parents or the general physician catering to the child. It is a very unfortunate time when your child develops a need to be operated upon but you need to keep the record for future reference, so if you are not keeping a log or record yourself then ask your doctor to give you a copy of his record.

This child operations log has the comprehensive record about each time (if more than one) your child went under surgical operation along with the date the procedure or surgery is performed, symptoms your child is suffering from, diagnosis, name of the procedure performed on your child, the name of the surgeon performing the procedure, the medication advised after the procedure along with the name of the child and facility center or hospital.

This is a record that is kept by the hospital or the physician for further study and evaluation as well as by the parents for the future reference, in case their child need to show this record or consult with some other doctor. For the diagnosis of some conditions, the old record along with previous surgeries and illnesses is required and this log can be very useful in such cases. These records can also be used for a greater purpose as well and that is for the research and development so other children can benefit too.

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Child operation and surgery log

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