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Allergies are in a way an adverse reaction your baby responds with to a stimulus. That stimulus can be a new food, weather or change of fabric and toiletries. Some allergies run in family others are due to change of environment, but your baby would most probably outgrow them as he grows older. Food allergies, however, can be life-long and dangerous. You need to discuss it with your pediatrician before introducing solid food to your baby, if you have doubts or food allergies run in your family then he might ask you to start solid foods with the safest and least allergic kinds of food. The first sign of allergic reaction in a baby is in the form of an atopic rash or eczema.

The best method to prevent allergies is to avoid the stimulus. But if the allergic reaction occurs then there are few methods to use medication depending on the severity of the reaction. The medication can be given orally or the form of shots or ointment based on the nature and severity of the allergy.


A child allergy log is a diary or a record book holding data about the allergies your child has. This information is vital for health and well-being of your baby and when he / she grows up this information will be equally valuable even then. In fact, your child would thankful to you for your foresightedness about maintaining the log. The child allergy log template is very simple to maintain, all you have to do is that whenever you introduce a new food or new fabric or any change in any environment that your baby responds negatively to, mention it in detail with the date and time you introduce that change. Include all the details about the kind of change it was and how your baby reacted to it and what was the severity of the response and if you needed the help of the doctor or medication to deal with it. This log is to be maintained from the first year of your child till a couple of years to get complete data.

Such documented information is always very helpful in early diagnosis of many conditions and can even help save lives.

child allergy log template


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