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Calculating and recording your body temperature is not just useful to determine the ovulation process in female for family planning but I’d also very important for the diagnosis of some very common diseases . The diseases which have similar symptoms are hard to diagnose so the doctor might ask you to monitor your body temperature at a specific time of the day or the week or the month and maintain a chart e.g. in thyroid disease or hormonal imbalance or lupus measuring body temperature is very important.

The measuring of body temperature can be done by either wearing a body temperature tracker or doing it manually by using a thermometer.  In both the cases, the readings are compared and monitored in the firm of a graph. You can use this graph for becoming or avoiding pregnancy by discussing it with your doctor.

The body temperature tracker holds the following information:

  • The name and age of the patient
  • The name and contact information of the doctor
  • The purpose of using the tracker
  • The value of the temperature measurement at the advised time per day
  • The date and time the temperature is measured
  • The number of the week for the particular month the measurement is taken.

This information is kept as the record to be used to evaluate and diagnose. It also simplifies for you the time you are ovulating so you know when and how to acquire or avoid pregnancy. This tracker is also useful to determine the actual temperature of your body as different people have different body temperature variations by birth.


body temperature tracker

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