Blood Sugar Tracker 2018

Blood sugar tracker

Blood sugar is defined as the amount of glucose present in human blood. Checking the blood sugar level is important to people with diabetes. Checking your blood sugar level will help you determine that whether the medicines or the insulin taken is working for us or not and tell us that how the food intake by us effects our body. One usually feels better when his/her blood sugar level is at least or near the normal value defined.

What time to check your sugar?

Once you are diabetic, your physician will help you in guiding for times when to check your sugar. The most prescribed times are:

  1. In the morning: When you wake up from sleep, you should check your sugar. This is called sugar in fasting.
  2. Before taking a meal: not to confuse with fasting, it is checking it before you have your first meal.
  3. After the meal: checking after a meal will help know that how the food intake has affected the sugar level in our body.
  4. Bedtime: Make a quick observation of the sugar level you hit the bed.

How to check sugar?

Sugar can easily be tested with the help of a glucometer. Your doctor can guide you on how to use it.

Tracking the blood sugar level

It is very important to note down your blood sugar level. Knowing it will let you know at what time your sugar was high and also when it was low as diabetes changes over time so does the medication prescribed.

How to use the tracker?

  1. Start by writing the date.
  2. Make suitable intervals for which you are recording your blood sugar. It can be an hour or as per your physician’s prescription.
  3. Write the sugar level you check for each time. For example at 08:00 in the morning the value is 123mg/dl.
  4. Keep writing the blood sugar level throughout the day.

Blood sugar tracker template

Writing the values on a piece of paper is not a bad idea but there is another way to do it. Yes, by using an MS Excel template. The template is designed by professionals to help ease individuals who are diabetic by keeping a record of your daily sugar level.

The template in a graphical format will highlight your routine sugar level and the average running value. It helps you give a quick view of your sugar level for a specific period.

Blood sugar chart

The worksheet uses different formulas to do the calculation. If you want to change the shape of the graph for the better visual presentation you can do it. Pie charts can also be used for graphical representation of sugar level. You can do it here on monthly basis. Each pie giving a percentage representation of monthly observed sugar of an individual. Clearly viewing when it was normal and it was high or low.

Template Preview

Blood sugar tracker template for Excel


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