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Babies are the prevalent asset one could ever have. Despite this fact, we know that every baby is dissimilar, so are the crying and sleeping patterns. Usually, infants cry while sleeping, so somehow these terms are allied.

Newborns sleep for up to 16 hours, when they are 3 months old, they sleep for 15 hours, and characteristically babies at 4 months start to build up a customary sleeping and waking prototype. However, the sleep is associated with crying, if they are sleepy they will cry, as they are unable to clarify, what they want to articulate.

What is baby sleep chart?

For the tracking of sleeping pattern, there is a baby sleep chart, it refers to the recording of the time that when babies cry and sleep. It is done if a baby cries or sleeps too much or that for just a routine checkup detailing, your child specialist may give it to you.

Common questions regarding crying may be:

  • For how long are they crying?
  • At what hour of the day are they crying?
  • Do they cry because of colic or any other problems like gas, ear pain or temperature?


Common questions regarding sleeping may be:

  • For how long are they sleeping?
  • At what hour are they sleeping?
  • Are they sleeping because they are lazy and sleepy, due to temperature or dehydration etc.?

Why is this chart used?

This baby sleep chart aids in maintaining and keeping a record, if your baby is cranky and not sleeping well, then you must show this record, to a child specialist for further recommendations.

DOWNLOAD: Baby Sleep Chart


baby sleep chart

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