Authorization Form to Administer Medication

What is medication consent form?

An authorization form to administer medication or medication consent form is used to authorize an individual to monitor the medication of another individual whom you want to be taken care of. The form helps in situations when you officially want to authorize an individual to administer the medication of your child in your absence. The form holds information of the nominated person and the complete medication record prescribed by the doctor.

This form can be used in schools, youth campus or even child care centers. In other words, it can be used anywhere where students or children go so that those people who need to look after them at that place know about any medication that needs to be taken.

The benefits of this form are that it states the side effects of the precise medication and any allergies or negative interaction that can occur with food or drugs.

In this way, the individual who needs to take medicine can be satisfied that all the details concerning the medication are stated on the form. Students who are ill and their parents will realize the vitality of a form like this. It is a helpful form.

Tips for composing the form

To compose one of these forms you can follow the below tips:

  1. Remember to have questions that will give the complete details of the student, for instance, their date of birth, address, phone number of guardians, etc.
  2. State the state’s law concerning medication authorization.
  3. The form should have questions asking how the medication should be taken, i.e., self-administration or only be taken when given by the nurse.
  4. It is vital to have questions concerning the precise drug, i.e., how much needs to be taken, when, how.
  5. The medication’s side effects, as well as management of those side effects, need to be stated.
  6. Parents and guardian’s authorization signatures should be present.
  7. It is a good idea to have a self-administration of the medication area.
  8. The history of the medication can be recorded on the form, for instance when it was taken and whether it was self-administered for instance.
  9. Columns stating the prescriber’s details need to be present. On the form, you can have tables for the prescriber to complete.

From the above medication consent form is quite an important form. This is because the medication is something that is serious and if any errors occur in this, then it will harm someone’s life. Therefore when making a form like this remember to include all information that is vital.


Medication consent form

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