Asthma Wallet Card Template

What is an asthma wallet card?

An asthma wallet card can be stored by the individual who has asthma in a place that is easily accessible so as to reference steps along with medications for situations characterized as being healthy, problematic or even emergency ones.

This card is beneficial to those who have asthma, especially when they are in a situation whereby they are getting an asthma attack. They can consult the card themselves or others can look at it to figure out how to help the person in distress.

This card should, therefore, be of a small size allowing it to fit in one’s wallet and it should state vital information that can help the patient when needed.

The asthma wallet card can be composed and printed by the patient or it may be found at a clinic or hospital. The doctor may have this card to give to the patient who has asthma.

Tips when composing an asthma wallet card

  1. The size of the card should be such that it can fit in an accessible place.
  2. The card should have history stating the patient’s peak flows with different zones suggesting the severity of the attack.
  3. The contact details of the doctor need to be present. This includes their name, address, telephone number, etc.
  4. Emergency contact name along with the hospital or emergency department numbers can be recorded.
  5. The medicines that should be taken, this can include long-term control medicines along with quick-relief medicines. The dose and when to take the medicine needs to be present.
  6. An extra and helpful point to include can be a list of warning signs that an asthma attack is about to occur. The patient can then click the things that they know warns them that an attack is coming, for instance, if they have an itchy nose, wheezing, chest tightness, etc.

The asthma wallet card should be composed in such a way that it is simple to read by the asthma sufferer as well as by others when the card is needed. It can turn out to be a very helpful card for someone who has asthma and is in an emergency situation with no family or friends around who know them.

The card preview

Asthma Wallet Card Template


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