Asthma Wallet Card Template

Asthma wallet cards are compact, rigid, palm-sized cards that provide useful information about people suffering from asthma. During emergencies and incidents, it is important for both asthmatic people and the caregiver to know about the medical conditions so that proper first aid is provided.

Asthma wallet cards are portable and can be carried in wallets. They typically resemble credit cards and, therefore, can be easily carried everywhere. During an emergency situation, it is critical for asthmatics to be treated carefully; therefore, these cards can be used as a reference for providing primary care.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder that causes inflammation of the airways, leading to shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness of the chest. Its attack can be mild to severe based on the health conditions of the patient and its triggers. Triggers are usually substances or items that can cause asthma attacks, i.e. pollutants, allergens, specific smells, etc. Triggers may vary from one asthmatic to another, but their severity can be lethal for all kinds of patients.

Wonder what to include in the card?

Asthma wallet cards are considered highly valuable because of the information they carry and their ease of handling. Useful information provided on asthma cards is given below.

  • Individual information: name, age, emergency contact, and address of asthmatic are crucial for wallet cars.
  • Asthma: severity of asthma, duration of severity, triggers, and other medical details regarding asthma are also mentioned on asthma cards. It also includes the duration of having asthma.
  • Emergency procedure: Asthma cards dictate the step-by-step process of providing primary care to the particular asthmatic. This information is critical for asthmatics as well as caregivers. This emergency plan may include the use of an inhaler, guiding the caregiver in calling emergency contact, or taking the patient to any hospital immediately.
  • Healthcare providers: the name and medical facility of the doctor treating that particular asthma patient are also mentioned on asthma cards to assist caregivers during emergency situations.
  • Restrictions: some situations or items can worsen the condition of asthma; therefore, restricted items must be provided on asthma cards to avoid their exposure during an asthma attack.

Importance of the card

Asthma wallet cards are of utmost importance in the following situations:

  • During a random asthma episode, these cards can help caregivers provide the best care to the asthmatic.
  • Asthma cards serve as a reference for understanding the medical condition of the patient.
  • By mentioning restrictions and triggers, an emergency situation can be managed by limiting exposure to specific items.
  • These cards serve as the best reference while away from home because any medical professional can understand the complete medical history of the patient by viewing his asthma card.

Asthma wallet cards help significantly during asthma episodes, but it is only wise to treat chronic conditions through medications and regular checkups. Having an asthma attack anywhere can prove to be fatal, even in the presence of asthma cards; therefore, it is best to cater to the situation and avoid it from happening in the first place. Nevertheless, asthma wallet cards are of utmost importance and can help save lives by providing key information at the right time.

Asthma Wallet Card Template

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