Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

Everyone is aware about the amazing health benefits of eating an apple on a regular basis, but there are very few people having awareness with the miraculous benefits of a banana. Not only apple, but banana can also keep the doctor away from you, because the Banana has lots of vitamins and nutrients. Bananas are rich with iron, carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamins A, C and B6, zinc, sodium, magnesium, potassium and natural sugars, such as sucrose, fructose and glucose. By considering the nutrients and health benefits of bananas, it is highly recommended to make it an integral part of your daily meal.

Here are Top 10 health benefits of eating bananas as under:


#1  Banana and Bowel Movements
Irregularity in the bowel movements can cause lots of health problems, but if you want a simple solution for irregular bowel movements, consume banana on a regular basis. Insoluble fibers in the banana can easily move in the digestive tract to sweep up waste, and this can make bowel movements soft and easy to pass. You can treat diarrhea with banana, but consume bananas in moderation to avoid constipation.
#2  Source of Natural Energy
An amazing combination of minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins prove a perfect source of natural energy. Three types of natural sugars provide good amount of quick energy to your body. Consumption of two bananas supplies enough energy to your body for the intense workout of 90 minutes.

#3  Perfect Cure for Stomach Ulcers
Eat bananas to improve your stomach health, because the banana will produce thick protective mucus lining in the stomach for protection against stomach acids. Protease inhibitors in bananas will reduce the bacteria in the stomach that can be the main reason for the stomach ulcers.

10 Health benefits of Eating Banana

#4  Keep Your Heart Healthy
Potassium and mineral electrolyte are important for the health of your heart, because the potassium will travel throughout your body to assist the circulatory system to supply oxygen to the brain. It will regulate your heartbeat and an appropriate balance of water in the body.

#5  Helpful to Reduce Weight
Obesity is a common problem of the current era, and banana is one of the best foods helpful to reduce weight, because these contain low fat and high fiber as well as vitamins. The dietary fiber can absorb water and keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. It is an ideal food to boost your metabolism because of vitamins B.

Health benefits of Eating Banana


#6  Natural Cure for Anemia
Banana provides iron to the anemia patience, because the anemia patients suffer with iron deficiency and the consumption of food with iron can prove helpful to overcome this deficiency. Regular consumption of banana will help the anemia patient to reduce nuisances, giddiness, exhaustion, breathing problems and irregular heartbeat.

#7  Treatment for Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is a common problem for pregnant ladies, and the consumption of banana can prove helpful to bring improvements in your health. It will restore the good blood glucose in your body; therefore the pregnant ladies are advised to take one banana after waking up in the morning and after each meal. The nutrients in the banana will support the development of your unborn baby.

#8  Good for Eye Health
Vitamin A and fat-soluble vitamins are important for the better health of the eye, because daily consumption of these vitamins can reduce the risk of night blindness. Banana has all these nutrients, therefore by consuming three or more bananas on a regular basis will reduce the risk of eye diseases.

#9  Cure Mosquito Bites
Mosquito bites can be really painful and cause itchiness, but you can instantly treat these symptoms with the help of banana peels. Take the banana peel and rub its inside part on the mosquito bite for almost five to ten minutes to reduce itching and swelling.

#10  Best to Manage Depression
Tryptophan is a type of protein available in bananas that can be transformed in the serotonin in the human body. The element is important to keep you relaxed and improve your mood. After consuming bananas, you will really feel happy, therefore do not forget to take a banana before sleeping.