Medication Flow Sheet Form

Keeping a track record of a patient’s medication is easy with the help of a medication flow sheet. The information contained on this sheet include the space to record patient allergies, blood pressure, mediation name, start and stop dates of medication, name of medication and the space to refill information about prescriptions. Safety for the patient is the basic purpose of a medication flow sheet. Medication errors can be prevented by keeping an up to date record and history of a particular medication that when it was started, when stopped and how frequently it was changed over a period of time. This sheet can also be considered helpful as a red alert to indicate whenever there are any sorts of changes in a medication dose, frequency or continuation. Although the doctors must have a full record and history of all the medication of a particular patient, it would be a lot easier for the doctors to see a copy of patient’s medication schedule while he visits the doctor. The patient and doctor must be aware of medication side effects while treating a particular disease.

The medication flow sheet allows the doctors to examine and observe if any other specialists or physicians have made any changes to a patient’s medication package or if there are found any communication errors in what patient’s physician had actually instructed and what he has heard during the last appointment with the physician. For the safety purposes, a patient must inform his family or friends that he is maintaining his medication flow sheet so that in situations where patient is unable to speak for him, this sheet may tell the medication facts. This sheet is most commonly used by the patients having pain medication, anxiety medication and blood pressure medication.


Here is a preview of medication flow sheet form

Medication flow sheet form

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