Childproofing Chart and Checklist

When your baby starts to sit without support, you should be well prepared for the next most awaited milestone of your child’s growth and that is crawling. That is the time when your baby would try to pull at things or push away things. Now that he/she can reach things that fascinate him/her, you need to keep an eye on your baby more vigilantly. Accidents can happen anywhere but precaution can prevent serious and dangerous accidents from happening. A house with crawling baby or a toddler needs to be child proofed in order to make it safe so you can work around the house tension free.

You can either install child proofing equipment yourself or you can take professional help for that. There are different type of things you can use considering your accommodation and budget. But try not to miss the most important things like if you have stairs you need safety gates or window guards etc.



Childproofing Chart and ChecklistApart from these installations, do keep in mind small precautions and make them your habit like don’t keep hot or sharp objects within reach and don’t keep electric cables lying on the floor tie them with cable cords. To be sure that you have followed all the standard childproofing precautions, you need to follow a childproofing chart and checklist. This is a checklist which has the list of steps you need to take and equipment you are required to install in order to make your house safe for a child.

Download: Childproofing Chart and Checklist