Baby Teeth Growth Chart

Baby Teeth Chart & Information Recording Sheets

A baby gets his/her first tooth normally at the age of six months and till he/she gets three all 20 teeth are completed. But the first tooth is one of the milestones in the baby’s first year that needs to be recorded. It is a joyous time and baby is given some token or gift so that this time is remembered throughout his/her life. As a parent too you should record this moment with all the detail like the time, date and place where the baby got the first tooth.

A baby teeth growth record does not just hold the information about how and when the baby got each tooth but also when your child starts loosing first tooth and every tooth after that. It also holds information about when the primary teeth are grown and she’d and when permanent teeth erupt.


baby tooth chart template

This teeth eruption chart holds the normal growth age for the growth and shedding of each tooth and you can insert the age your child achieved that milestone, this enables you to evaluate if your child is growing normally or you need to consult a doctor. Your baby’s teething record will most likely resemble your childhood record. Although each and every kid has a unique pattern but it usually runs in family to follow a set pattern. Monitoring each and every step in your baby’s growth is important and keeping a good tooth record is equally vital to monitor your baby’s health development. Celebrate each time you child grows a tooth or sheds one as tooth fairy is one of the most cherished childhood memory in every kids life.

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