Baby Kick Count Tracker

During pregnancy, the most important thing is that you know your baby and develop a bond with him/her. You need to feel the baby growing inside of you to be sure that your pregnancy is going on normal and healthy. Monitoring your baby’s health and activity is important to prevent problems or stillbirths which are becoming a growing problem. This monitoring is dependent on a few steps you need to take in every trimester and counting the kicks of your baby regularly is one of them.

Your baby would start kicking around the third trimester of your pregnancy and doctors advise you start counting kicks in the 28th week. Count each movement your baby does as one kick. Count kicks every day at about the same time. A baby kick count tracker holds the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • The trimester and month of your pregnancy
  • Your delivery due date
  • The date and time of your baby at first kick
  • The date and time of each kick or movement after that
  • Remarks if you find any difference or change in the movement or kick pattern along with the date and time of the change.

It is a healthy sign if your baby starts moving before you wake up in the morning however in some babies the movement is more at night or when you lie straight on your back or drink cold water. Every baby is unique and has a unique stimulus for movement but there is a general guideline about how and when a baby should start a movement to ensure healthy growth. Do keep in mind those guidelines when monitoring the growth of your baby and counting kicks.

baby kick count tracker


Download: Baby Kick Counter